Greg and Donna are your Interline Travel Experts

  • Experience.  We have over 30 years of combined experience helping interline qualified and retail guests plan their vacations.
  • No booking fees!
  • Dedicated personal service.  We are your personal agents, so when you call, you get us every time.  We are home based and not a call center.
  • Established.  We are part of the largest international-based interline agency in the world and Greg has been involved since the very first day.  Our agency has direct interline contracts with every major cruise line.
  • Value. We book both interline rates, and retail rates.  That way we can offer you, your friends and family the best value for your vacations.
  • Global.  We are global travel experts and are experienced in dealing with clients from around the world.
  • First- hand experience. We are passionate about travel and will use our extensive knowledge to make your vacation stress free, seamless, safe, and extra special.  That is our promise!
  • Integrity.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many loyal clients and a lot of our business has been built with referrals from them.    
  • Fun. We love to get to know our clients’ unique preferences and are personable and fun to work with.
  • Greg is an accomplished musician.  Check out his music website at 

I met my wife at a grocery store.
Now We travel the world together

It was a normal workday for me. I had finished my day selling cruises and travel and stopped into our local grocery store to pick up a few things.

As I was going up and down the aisle, I noticed a woman in a black leather coat ahead of me. I saw her long, beautiful hair, but did not see her face, however her jeans stood out. They had patches of excellent rock bands on them. Being a musician, I noticed this cool arrangement of rock patches.  Before I knew it, she was gone, and I continued shopping. Finally, it was check out time, and as I made my way forward, I noticed that interesting women again also going to check out.  This time my male extra sensory energy kicked in and I made a bee line directly to the same line she was in.  I said, “Excuse me, not to offend, but have you ever seen any of these bands before?” There was Aerosmith, The Stones, Hendrix, and others.  Immediately she spun around with a smile and face of a Greek goddess, then she lifted her coat and did a pirouette right there to show me the rest of the patches and said “Yes.”

I was stunned! Scrambling for thoughts I said, “They are all excellent bands, I am a musician here in town and my name is Greg.”  She replied, “I’m Donna, and my boys are musicians too.” We continued our banter until we realized we were holding up the checkout line. Finally, I gave her my business card, and she gave me her boys band card. “Since you have musical experience, it might be nice for you to meet them” she said. “That sounds great,” I said, and I went home.

My daughter Lacey was in her room, and I walked in and said “Lacey, something amazing just happened.” “What was amazing Dad?” she said.  I answered, “I met a very nice women just now and I think I will marry her one day!” “Dad you just met some random lady in a grocery store, be calm,” she said. “Perhaps, but this was a different experience,” I said.

Controlling myself, I waited 5 days to call Donna and that’s where our story started to come together. After meeting for coffee and a few casual dates I was sold on this relationship.  It just so happened that my birthday was coming up, and I was just about to book myself on a cruise. My original intention was to go with my daughter, but now an opportunity had presented itself.  I said,” Donna, I realize I am just getting to know you, but it is my birthday coming right up, and I would love for you to come with me on a cruise! My treat. If you decline my daughter will come with me, so no worries or pressure.”

As it turned out Donna accepted my offer to take a cruise with me, and throughout the cruise, we realized that we had something very special together. It was destiny.  We connected and have shared many experiences and adventures, met so many wonderful people, and have seen breath-taking places around the world and share a passion for travel. We are blessed! Together, working as a dynamic duo, we compliment each other and go out of our way to make the experiences for our clients amazing! We love our lives together.   Greg

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