Hawaii – Aloha!

Greg and Donna - gesturing aloha in Hawaii

Hawaii is a year-round holiday destination on almost everyone’s list. Most people either want to go, or they want to go back!

Hawaii is known for its Aloha Spirit.  “Alo” means “to share,” and “oha” means “to show affection or friendship” and “ha” means “life, breath”. Therefore, Aloha is – Joyfully sharing life!  You are sure to feel the friendly, welcoming, aloha spirit when you visit Hawaii.

Flowers in Hawaii

There are a lot of flight options to get you to Hawaii, and flights so you can go island hopping. You can stay on one island, or hop to a couple, or take a cruise.

If you love cruising like we do, you can take a cruise from mainland North America which would sail to Hawaii in about 4 – 5 days, and then cruise around the Islands, and fly back home. Or you can fly to Hawaii, and then take a cruise that circles the Islands, and sails back to the mainland. It is always nice to add on a few more days before or after your Hawaiian cruise.

Norwegian Cruise lines has been the only cruise line that has had the rights to sail 7-day itineraries around the Hawaiian Islands, because of a law dating back to 1886. If you have a bit more time for your vacation, it is worth checking out options from other cruise lines. Many cruise lines offer excellent interline rates for Hawaiian cruises, and repositioning cruises that take place in Spring and Fall, when the ships are relocating from Alaska itineraries.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and is often referred to as the Garden Isle. It has deep emerald valleys, rugged mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lush rainforests. There are also beautiful white sand beaches, and it has a spectacular coastline. Hollywood loves Kauai, and movies like Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark have been filmed there. There is only one escalator on the entire island. This island has a very relaxing and peaceful pace. Well, except for maybe the roosters that crow in the morning and are all over the island. They are gorgeous though!

Rooster in Kauai, Hawaii

The Napali coast on Kauai is 17 miles long and is breath-taking! You can enjoy it by helicopter, or take a boat tour or kayak trip along its shores. Waimea canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and offers lots of hiking opportunities. Wailua River is a 20-mile-long river with beautiful waterfalls, and is great for kayaking, and boat tours.

Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Hawaii

Oahu is considered the Heart of Hawaii. This island is home to 80% of the Hawaiian population. It offers world-class shopping, nightlife, culture, art, history and of course Waikiki beach. Waikiki beach was once the playground for the Royals and is the main shopping and beach area. On the island, there is a lot of natural beauty, so you get that unique “town and country” experience.

The cuisine in Hawaii is a fusion of Hawaiian, Polynesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and other cultures, and is exceptional. At Leonard’s Bakery you must try Malasadas which are delicious Portuguese doughnuts. They also have a festival to celebrate Spam – the canned cooked lunch meat that was introduced in 1937 after World War II. It is very popular in Hawaii, and there are more varieties of Spam sold in Hawaii, than anywhere else in the world.

Spam is very popular in Hawaii.Le’ahi is “Diamond Head” mountain which is a spectacular hiking spot on the island of Oahu. The mountain was named that because it looks like the “forehead of the Ahi tuna fish,” which is a popular fish in the area.

The north shore of Oahu, is home of world class surfing from November to February, and is a fabulous place to shop and eat like a local.

Maui is the Valley Isle, and is also known as an island of love. Maui is more laid back and has something for everyone. There are endless possibilities for spontaneous adventure, relaxation, and active fun. There are charming small towns and serene beaches.

All of the islands have something special to offer. Personally, we love Maui the best as it is not too quiet and not too busy, but just right. We got engaged on Maui, and named our puppy Maui, so this Island is very special to us.

Our dog named Maui

Lahaina town has lots of excursions, and there are exciting whale watching trips available from December to May.

Humpback whales can be seen in Maui, Hawaii.

Lahaina is also known for its art galleries, shops, and restaurants. One of our favorite places is “Warren and Annabelle’s” comedy magic show. You need to book ahead, as they sell out every night. This show is something we highly recommend, as it is very funny, and magical. Pun intended.

Haleakala national park is another highlight when you are on Maui. You can hike up early to view an unforgettable sunrise.

The Road to Hana in Hawaii.

The road to Hana is a great trip as well. It is road, which is 52 miles long, and has 629 curves, and 59 bridges! Crazy! On the road to Hana, you will see lush greenery and you can stop at some beautiful waterfalls to take pictures. In Hana, you can treat yourself to some authentic Macadamia nut pie!

Mai Tai’s are also a popular drink in Hawaii and are very refreshing.

Mia Tai's are a wonderful drink in Hawaii.

Lana’i is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands and was once home of the world’s largest pineapple plantations. It is luxurious and private and offers world-class amenities and championship golf courses. There are no traffic lights on the entire island! There are flights and a passenger ferry service from Maui to Lana’i.

Moloka’i is a natural, unspoiled, and rustic island that offers a perfect opportunity to experience “old style” Hawaii. It has the highest waterfall in the U.S., and they are 7 times higher than Niagara Falls! There are flights from Maui and Honolulu if you wish to visit Moloka’i.

The Island of Hawaii, in the past known as The Big Island, is twice as big as the other islands and still growing. This is where you can see active lava flowing as it has the world’s most active volcano. There are 10 different climate zones on the 1 island as well. The Island of Hawaii is for people who are intrigued with nature and like to explore.

Volcano National Park is about 45 minutes from Hilo, and there are around 150 miles of hiking available on this island. The Kona coffee plantation is on the Island of Hawaii, and this is the only state in the United States that grows coffee. The Kona coffee plantation has been around for over 200 years, and they make exceptional coffee! We had to buy an extra suitcase on our last trip, to bring home Kona coffee and macadamia nut chocolates for our friends and family. Ridiculously yummy!

Enjoying dinner in Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is the best place for star gazing as well, as there is basically no light pollution, and the stars shine like diamonds in the night sky!

Hawaii offers a huge selection of outdoor activities but is equally laid back and relaxing.  It appeals to many different travelers, with all kinds of different interests. We absolutely love Hawaii and would be happy to use our expertise and first- hand knowledge of the islands, to help you plan your trip to visit this beautiful location.

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