Germany – More than great Sausage!

There are more than 1500 distinct types of sausage in Germany. Germany also has interesting history, hundreds of castles, a bustling nightlife, cosmopolitan cities, art, music, beer, wine and shopping.


Germany has a population of over 83 million people and borders 9 other countries in Europe as well as the North and Baltic seas. Germany has more than 350 islands, so there are beaches too. US and Canadian visitors with a valid passport do not need a Visa to visit if they stay less than 90 days.

Germany’s transport infrastructure is excellent and there are 18 major airports, and a great high-speed train comfortably linked to the airports. People love to rent cars, as they can try out Audis, Porsches, Mercedes, and BMWs on the autobahn. About 60% of the autobahn does have speed limits.



Germany is very accessible for people who have mobility restrictions, is very welcoming for the LGBT community and is eco-friendly. Germany offers excellent value for your money, and there is tax-free shopping in many stores.

The capital of the country is Berlin. The currency is the Euro and German and English is widely spoken.  In restaurants, a gratuity of 5 – 10% is common, but not expected, and is paid directly to the waiter.

River cruises are extremely popular and a fantastic way to explore Germany. Four major rivers (The Danube, Moselle, Neckar and Rhine) all offer a variety of cruising itineraries.

Christmas markets started in Germany and date back to the 1300’s. They start from the end of November right up until Christmas. There are more than 2500 markets across the country now.  It is good to wear comfortable shoes, bring cash, and dress warmly. The Striezelmarket in Dresden is one of the oldest markets and home to the world’s tallest Stollen (a German Christmas cake). Michelstadt (1 ½ hours from Frankfurt) and Lubeck (45 minutes from Hamburg) are also amazing Christmas markets.

Christmas market river cruises are fabulous, and they even have themed cruises which include combinations like beer tasting and Christmas Markets. Seriously, how perfect is that!


German’s love to celebrate and there are over 3 million events every year. They have a Carnival in Cologne, a Grune sauce festival in Frankfurt, Richard Wagner festival in Bayreuth, Fashion week in Berlin, Documenta (contemporary art exhibition) in Kassel, Berlinale (film festival) in Berlin, and a sailing week in Kiel. The Tour de France takes place in Dusseldorf this year, and Cologne just hosted the Ice Hockey World Championships.

There will be events taking place to remember Martin Luther and the Reformation. It will be 500 years as of October 31st that Martin Luther objected to dubious practices of the church in the Middle Ages.

There are lots of art galleries, and over 6000 museums in Germany. There is a chocolate museum in Cologne (totally awesome), a lipstick museum in Berlin, a Mercedes-Benz Museum and an entire museum dedicated to sausage. Yes, sausage! The countries most popular street food and snack is the Currywurst, a spicy curry sausage.

There are 41 UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany. It is also very famous for its music as some of the world’s greatest composers like Bach and Beethoven came from Germany. The boys’ choir is world famous.

Germany is only 2nd to France in Europe as far a culinary excellence and has 308 Michelin Star restaurants as of 2020. There is more to Germany than just sausage! In the Black Forest National Park, you can go on Culinary Hikes and discover berries, mushrooms, and herbs on a guided hiking tour.

Every town is very proud of their beer, and they often insist you try “their beer”. That’s all good!

People in Germany are super friendly, and there are so many exciting experiences just waiting to be discovered.

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